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The Morning Breathlab.

The Morning Breathlab is a container for practitioners to start their working day as they mean to go on. Reset and fully energised with mental clarity and a real lust for life.

Practised every day, our dynamic, meditative breathwork transforms and optimises nervous systems. Whether they are in on the brink of burnout or already healthy and elastic, there is always potential for getting more out of your day (and more out of your life!). Become more resilient to stress, more absorbent of oxygen, more in control of the mind and more intuitive, creative and joyful.


Your team’s mental health, wellbeing and ability to manage stress for themselves is paramount. Give them more. A daily dose of recalibrating, mind-clearing, nervous system training with breathwork, community and inspiration is infinitely more effective than a fruit bowl or a tray of Starbucks 😉


The morning Breathlab requires a 45-minute onboarding training session for groups, these can be scheduled for you and your team at your convenience.


Our eclectic community of boundary breakers, bio-hackers and those who lust for more life is growing every week. Licences are available individually or discounted for teams of 10 or more.


“Such a great service. It’s helped with concentration, productivity and running performance, and it’s unlocked countless other benefits. I’ve not just used Breathlab myself, I also hired Elliot to work with staff and clients at my business. The feedback was enormously positive and I would highly recommend Breathlab to both individuals and companies.”

“Elliot has a wonderfully calming presence and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. His breathwork guidance in the mornings made a real difference to how I felt going into my working day. I highly recommend working with Elliot.”

“Elliot was really great – focused, and clearly dedicated to this practice, which was really infectious and inspiring.”