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The Lunchtime Breathe.


You can access the Lunchtime Breathe on this link – we practice every Monday to Friday at 12pm noon (UK time) 



The Lunchtime Breathe is and always has been open to all, it is free to join but you are invited to donate if you can to keep the energy exchange mutual 🔥

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A Lunchtime Phenomenon.

The Lunchtime Breathe began in January 2021, as the 3rd national lockdown was announced in the UK. Since then we haven’t missed a single day (Mon-Fri).

In the space of 20 minutes, at midday – 12pm UK time – we utilise the double breathing technique; signature of the Living Yoga Method, to access a deep stretch and tempering of the nervous system, a total energetic reset for body and mind, an overhaul of the cardio vascular system, boost to the immune system and a purification and rebalancing of PH in the blood.

Practised across 3 continents in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, cars, work vans, yoga ashrams, skate parks, tattoo studios, on top of mountains, at weddings, outside churches, airport carparks, forests, in the middle of inner city parks, next to Floridian swimming pools and at the side of a motorway next to a broken down car 😂

Wherever you are, if you can carve out 20 minutes you can join the session.

No matter what you have access to a tribe, right now. No excuses, no obstacles, no conditions or requirements. If your heart is screaming yes then just get involved.

Life loves those who participate 😘