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Our Sessions.

Workshops & Courses.


Breathlab workshops can be tailored to your specific team, situation and requirements but will always revolve around teaching and practising some core breathwork techniques.


Invigoration Breathwork

Learn how to boost energy in the cleanest, healthiest and most accessible way, whenever needed. Tools to burn out afternoon slumps, brain fog and sluggishness.


Defragmentation Breathwork

Learn how to completely relax and flush through cortisol, the body’s stress hormone clear of the body and excess static noise from the mind. Avoid burnout, improve sleep and recharge more efficiently.


Recalibration Breathwork

Learn how to rebalance the PH level of the body, burn out toxins in the blood, regulate energy and stress levels so as to make balance and control your default baseline. 


Breathlab courses are built to suit your specific team, situation, and requirements. They work on teaching, practising, and instilling some core breathwork techniques as habits for individuals to take forward into their everyday lives.

Courses have a systematic and module-based process of gradually increasing both the practical application of different breathwork practices as well as the scientific understanding behind them.

This makes the courses easily digestible and can be run from whatever level required, from total beginners up to extremely advanced breathwork techniques for radical self-transformation.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are run [either in-person or online] and complemented with access to daily livestreams for all individuals involved to help build in sustainable practice and meaningful growth.

There will be no sceptics remaining by the end of the session. 

Demos can be run for small or large groups and are always best run in-person (although the option to run from the online studio exists). These sessions are of course designed for total beginners to jump in with.


Breathlab demonstrations are a great way to dip you and your team’s proverbial toes into the proverbial water of breathwork!

As with all unknowns, particularly with tools that claim to be “life-changing” and transformative – breathwork will have its sceptics.

In the space of 45 minutes, the concept behind what we’re achieving through breathwork and bio-hacking will be introduced, explained, and each individual armed with two core breathwork techniques which on their own if built in as a daily habit will do a lot of heavy lifting.

Private Sessions.

Fully tailored, focused personal sessions run on either a 1:1 or 1:2 basis, providing the deepest possible point of entry to breathwork and creating a sustainable ongoing practice.

This can be flexible to suit your schedule but requires an absolutely non-negotiable daily practice to be implemented – this will be totally manageable and designed together taking everything into account. 

There really is no better way to ensure successful endeavour on this path, however this is not a route to be taken lightly.

Sessions taken like will be totally tuned to the individual and can include a wholly scientific and practical training or traditional path backed up with an exploration of ancient Hatha & Kriya Yoga philosophy – or a combination of the two approaches.

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