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About Breathlab.

The Method.

The breathwork modules and techniques that make up Breathlab are derived from the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga.

Techniques that are just as relevant [if not more so] today as they were for the incredible human beings that have delivered them to us, master to student, over the course of 4,000 years. (Yes, yoga only started being synonymous with touching your toes and doing the splits quite recently, once the Western world got their hands on it… and needed somewhere to affix a price tag)

Biologically, the human body has not changed in 10,000 years, but the amount of data, information and stress we are needing to process daily as part of the modern world is more than the average mediaeval man or woman would have had to process in their entire lifetime. Biologically, the techniques work as well as they ever have, practically, they are more vital to humanity than they ever have been before.

Breathlab is powered by the Living Yoga Method, a contemporary system of Hatha Yoga distilled by a British, modern day Yoga Master and direct student of Swami Yogeshwarananda (one of the greatest yogis of the 20th Century) and structured to integrate seamlessly with a standard life lived in the modern world.

Breathlab. teaches the method in a way that is free from reliance on the history and the tradition of the practice to get its message across – the system works; it requires no belief, no leaps of faith, no background understanding of where it has originated, no requirement to learn or interpret sanskrit verse! 

For the effects of Hatha Yoga, and specifically the Living Yoga Method to take hold, required only is the steady hand of a teacher to guide it, and the work of the dedicated practitioner to earn it.

The Team.

Elliot House.

Qualified advanced breath coach, yoga teacher, speaker and writer on the subjects of breathwork, yoga and modern day living.

He helps professional teams and individuals across all walks of life to manage their stress, regulate their energy levels, become more proactive and deeply involved in their lives and gradually discover more about themselves.

Qualifications as a yoga teacher and subsequently as an advanced breathwork coach as well as thousands of hours of practice and teaching have tempered Elliot into a dedicated and accomplished practitioner and a well experienced teacher.

Elliot founded Breathlab in order to share the transformational effects grounded deeply in the science and practicality of the practice in an easy to digest, accessible format – particularly for those who would shudder at the thought of ‘trying yoga’.

The Sessions.

Your Breathlab Blueprint.



Half day workshops designed not just to completely overhaul and reset nervous systems, cardiovascular systems and immune systems but to teach the basics of the breathwork toolkit for participants to take their own energy regulation, stress levels and focus into their own hands.



A custom length course designed specifically for your team allowing us to really deep dive into breathwork and bio-hacking in daily, weekly or fortnightly sessions that steadily build on one another to create disciplined, long-lasting and sustainable changes.



Taster sessions designed to demonstrate the power of the breath and the incredible changes you and your team can make accessible by harnessing it with conscious control and guided exercises.



Fully tailored, focused personal sessions run on either a 1:1 or 1:2 basis, providing the deepest possible point of entry to breathwork and creating a sustainable ongoing practice. Flexible to suit your schedule.



Daily livestreams with an ever-expanding community of breathworkers; individual and corporate memberships available giving access to daily maintenance breathwork sessions to help sustain the discipline and momentum of life-changing bio-hacking superpower-harnessing endeavours.

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The Science.

The Living Yoga Method has over the course of 2021-2022 undergone an in-depth study in partnership with the University of Southampton.

The results have been confirmed as undeniable; the incredible and life changing benefits of the method. The research is currently being peer-reviewed and will be published soon – and proudly displayed right here!

For now, here are some links to scholarly articles and research papers confirming what the yogis have known for thousands of years – the sheer evolutionary power of the breath.