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Welcome to the Respiration Revolution.

Proven effects.

Both an online and in-person service offering fully made to measure breathwork courses for individuals, groups, businesses and organisations of almost any description.

Breathlab introduces breathwork practices combining ancient breathing techniques and modern day science with practical applications into your living or working spaces. The methods can be adapted for group sessions of any size and demographic.

Proven effects across the whole human machine: the brain & nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, and lymphatic system.

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If you can breathe, you can evolve.

Breathlab is designed for human beings. If you can breathe, you can partake in the sessions.

Each session or course is tailored to fit the size, experience and background of the participants. The effects and the benefits will be just as potent regardless of demographic, depth of prior understanding or even levels of scepticism(!)

Learn to breathe, learn to live.

We talk about exercise, and diet, and mindfulness so regularly nowadays under the banner of health and wellbeing – and spend far too little time talking about the power of the breath.

You are what you eat, sure.

You are also what you breathe.

Moreover, you are how you breathe.

If you learn to breathe, you effectively learn how to live.

Master the Microcycle.

Humans are cyclical by nature. We’re born, we die. We wake, we sleep. We laugh, we cry. We pulse with the sun, the stars and the moon.

We inhale, we exhale.

20,000 to 22,000 times a day in fact.

If a human can learn to master what is seemingly the most simple, the most understated and yet profound micro-cycle that they are forever tied in to – that of the breath – then the effects will ripple outwards uncompromisingly.

Master the breath. Master each hour, each day, week, month, year, decade.

Why then, or how, are we currently looking at a global population of people who don’t have a clue how to breathe effectively?

Enter Breathlab

The Respiration Revolution.

The good news is that the secrets to living well, the art of happiness, and ancient sciences of inner engineering using the breath are being rediscovered and popularised in our modern day world. ‘Pulmonauts’ like James Nestor have been spearheading research to back up what the yogis, Ancient Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist monks knew could transform lives – the way we think, the way we feel, the way we work, relax, love, sleep… the way we live! We even now have superstars like Wim Hof demonstrating just what is possible for the average human being if they really harness the power of their breath. Interested in learning how to improve just about every aspect of your life?

The solution is right under your nose.